Meredy's Anne Baxter Trivia Answers

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1. May 7, 1923

2. Michigan City, Indiana

3. Maria Ouspenskaya

4. 13

5. 20 Mule Team

6. The Magnificent Ambersons

7. John Hodiak

8. Best Supporting Actress Oscar

9. Mother Wore Tights

10. Eve Harrington

11. Follow the Sun

12. Frank Lloyd Wright

13. Rock Hudson

14. Moses

15. Charlton Heston

16. Cimarron

17. Randolph Galt

18. Hawaii, but had a ranch in Australia

19. Intermission: A True Story

20. Three daughters: Katrina Hodiak, Melissa and Maginel Galt

21. Laurence Harvey

22. Applause

23. Jane Austen in Manhattan

24. Hotel

25. December 12, 1985

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