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1. October 7, 1917

2. The Bronx, New York

3. Eleanor Geisman

4. She sustained a fractured skull and broken back when a tree branch fell on her.

5. Four years

6. Ginger Rogers

7. The Ned Wayburn Dancing Academy

8. Educational Pictures and Vitaphone

9. Panama Hattie

10. Minerva

11. Two Girls and a Sailor

12. Good News

13. "Thou Swell"

14. Josephine "Jo" March

15. The Stratton Story, The Glenn Miller Story and Strategic Air Command

16. Humphrey Bogart

17. Cameron Hawley

18. Cornel Wilde

19. The Shrike

20. You Can't Run Away from It

21. Alcoholism

22. Depends

23. Dick Powell (1945-1963), Alfred Glenn Maxwell (1963-1965;1966-1970) and David Ashrow (1976-2006; her death)

24. Two - Pamela Powell was born June 18, 1948. She was adopted by the Powells in August 1948. Dick Powell, Jr. was born December 24, 1950.

25. July 8, 2006 in Ojai, California (respiratory failure and bronchitis)

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