Meredy's Don Ameche Trivia Answers

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1. May 31, 1908

2. Kenosha, Wisconsin

3. Dominic Felix Amici

4. Clive of India

5. 20th Century-Fox

6. One in a Million

7. Tyrone Power

8. Alice Faye

9. D'Artagnan

10. Mitchell Leisen

11. Down Argentine Way

12. Moon Over Miami

13. Heaven Can Wait

14. Wing and a Prayer

15. The telephone was known as an "Ameche" because of his memorable performance as Alexander Graham Bell.

16. The Bickersons

17. Trading Places

18. Cocoon

19. Corrina, Corrina

20. "Zanuck never did anything but be nice to me. Oh yeah, maybe he chased Alice Faye around, but a lot of people chased Alice Faye around."

21. Alexander Graham Bell

22. Jim Ameche

23. Yes, to Honore Pendergast

24. Yes, he had six children - Ronald, Dominic, Thomas, Lonnie, Bonnie and Connie

25. December 6, 1993 in Scottsdale, Arizona (prostate cancer)

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