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1. January 1, 1909

2. Covington County, Mississippi

3. Carver Dana Andrews

4. He was a Baptist minister.

5. Sam Houston State University

6. He studied opera and also at the Pasadena Playhouse, a theater and acting school.

7. Samuel Goldwyn Productions

8. The Westerner (1940)

9. Ball of Fire

10. Donald Martin, a lynching victim

11. Laura

12. Tobacco Road, Belle Starr, Laura, The Iron Curtain and Where the Sidewalk Ends

13. State Fair

14. Fallen Angel

15. The Best Years of Our Lives

16. Daisy Kenyon

17. My Foolish Heart

18. Where the Sidewalk Ends

19. Night of the Demon

20. Steve Forrest

21. Alcoholism

22. Alzheimer's disease

23. Janet Murray (m. 1932-1935); her death and Mary Todd (m. 1939-1992); his death

24. Four - David Andrews (1934-1964), Katharine Andrews (b. 1942), Stephen Andrews (b. 1944), Susan Andrews (b. 1948)

25. December 17, 1992 in Los Alamitos, California (congestive heart failure and pneumonia)

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