Meredy's George Arliss Trivia Answers

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1. April 10, 1868

2. London, England, UK

3. George Augustus Andrews

4. A monocle

5. Around 1900

6. On the stage

7. The Devil

8. Disraeli

9. The Man Who Played God and The Ruling Passion

10. Rajah of Rukh

11. One. He didn't like the medium.

12. Disraeli

13. Yes

14. The Green Goddess

15. Warner Brothers

16. Alexander Hamilton

17. Old English

18. The Working Man

19. Twentieth Century Pictures

20. House of Rothschild

21. Cardinal Richelieu

22. Dr. Syn

23. The world's greatest living actor

24. Yes, to Florence Montgomery Arliss

25. February 5, 1946 in London, England, UK (bronchial ailment)

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