Meredy's Barbara Stanwyck Trivia Answers

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1. July 16, 1907

2. Brooklyn, New York

3. Ruby Stevens

4. Broadway Nights

5. Frank Fay

6. Robert Taylor

7. His Brother's Wife

8. Stella Dallas

9. William Holden

10. Henry Fonda

11. Ball of Fire

12. Double Indemnity

13. Fred MacMurray

14. Sorry, Wrong Number

15. 1952

16. Roustabout

17. The Big Valley

18. Victoria Barkley

19. Jarrod, Nick, Heath and Audra

20. Linda Evans

21. Richard Long, Peter Breck and Lee Majors

22. 1982

23. The Thorn Birds

24. Dynasty II: The Colbys

25. January 20, 1990 in Santa Monica, California (congestive heart failure and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

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Meredy's Barbara Stanwyck Trivia Mania


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