Meredy's Lauren Bacall Trivia Answers

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1. September 16, 1924

2. The Bronx, New York City, New York

3. Betty Joan Perske

4. Shimon Peres

5. The American Academy of Dramatic Arts

6. Johnny 2 X 4

7. Howard Hawks (Nancy "Slim" Gross Hawks Hayward Keith, Lady Keith)

8. A seven-year personal contract

9. "The Look," Bacall's trademark.

10. To Have and Have Not

11. Four - To Have and Have Not, The Big Sleep, Dark Passage and Key Largo

12. Young Man with a Horn

13. How to Marry a Millionaire

14. Gabrielle Maple

15. Written on the Wind

16. Designing Woman

17. All About Eve

18. The Shootist

19. "Key Largo"

20. Applause and Woman of the Year

21. The Mirror Has Two Faces

22. The Academy Honorary Award

23. Humphrey Bogart (May 21, 1945 - January 14, 1957) (his death) 2 children and Jason Robards (July 4, 1961 - September 10, 1969) (divorced) 1 child

24. Two sons and one daughter - Stephen Humphrey Bogart (b. January 6, 1949), Leslie Howard Bogart (b. August 23, 1952) and Sam Prideaux Robards (b. December 16, 1961)

25. By Myself, Now and By Myself and Then Some

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