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1. December 7, 1891

2. Los Angeles, California

3. Age five

4. David Belasco

5. 1912

6. 1934's This Side of Heaven

7. She was nominated for two Academy Awards in two different categories.

8. Best Actress for her work in White Banners and Best Supporting Actress for her work in Jezebel.

9. Best Supporting Actress for her work in Jezebel

10. Belle Massey was Julie's aunt.

11. Mrs. Margaret Carey

12. Daughters Courageous

13. The Lane Sisters

14. Mickey Rooney

15. John Payne

16. Adolphe Menjou

17. Woman of the Year

18. The War Against Mrs. Hadley

19. State Fair

20. The Children's Hour

21. Reginald Venable

22. Yes - Richard Venable

23. Dorothy Burgess

24. April 16, 1968 in Los Angeles, California (pneumonia)

25. She's buried in Arlington National Cemetery. Her husband was a military officer and is buried there.

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