Meredy's Carroll Baker Trivia Answers

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1. May 28, 1931

2. Johnstown, Pennsylvania

3. Carroll Baker

4. A magician's assistant

5. Easy to Love

6. Actors Studio

7. All Summer Long

8. James Dean in Giant

9. Her mother

10. Carroll Baker

11. The next Marilyn Monroe

12. Karl Malden

13. Elia Kazan

14. Yes, for her role in Baby Doll

15. Yes, twice - Donald Burton and Jack Garfein

16. Yes, two - Blanche Baker and Herschel Garfein

17. The Big Country

18. Clark Gable

19. Her then-husband Jack Garfein

20. How the West Was Won

21. Cheyenne Autumn

22. The Carpetbaggers

23. Jean Harlow

24. 150 cows, 200 goats, sheep, and $750.00

25. Baby Doll

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Meredy's Carroll Baker Trivia Mania


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