Meredy's Humphrey Bogart Trivia Answers

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1. December 25, 1899

2. He was a surgeon.

3. Yes, he was in the Navy during WW I.

4. A bomb blast during WWI (There are many different accounts of this incident).

5. Duke Mantee

6. High Sierra

7. Sam Spade

8. Warner Brothers

9. Dark Victory

10. Rick

11. Ingrid Bergman

12. Claude Rains

13. Dooley Wilson

14. Casablanca

15. Morocco

16. Four times

17. Lauren Bacall

18. To Have and Have Not

19. Philip Marlowe

20. The African Queen

21. Charlie Allnut

22. Captain Queeg

23. The Desperate Hours

24. The Harder They Fall

25. January 14, 1957

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