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Raymond Burr as Perry Mason

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Raymond Burr as Perry Mason

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1. When was he born?

2. Where was he born?

3. What was his full name?

4. How many siblings did he have?

5. He began acting at what playhouse?

6. What was the title of his first film?

7. He often played what type of characters in his film career?

8. His character met a grisly end in what 1948 movie?

9. He chased the Marx Brothers in what movie?

10. He portrayed Les Taggart in what 1950 flick?

11. He played the prosecuting attorney in what classic 1951 film?

12. What was his character's name in The Blue Gardenia?

13. His hair was dyed white for what role?

14. His co-star was gigantic in what 1956 flick?

15. Who created the character Perry Mason?

16. Who portrayed Della Street?

17. He starred as what San Francisco cop?

18. The answer to question 17 had a disability. What was it and what caused it?

19. He starred in what 1977 TV series?

20. Della Street was accused of murder in what 1985 telefilm?

21. Who was his longtime companion?

22. True or false? He once owned a tropical island.

23. What kind of flower did he enjoy growing?

24. Where are the Raymond Burr Vineyards located?

25. When did he pass away?

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Raymond Burr

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Raymond Burr

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