Meredy's Raymond Burr Trivia Answers

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1. May 21, 1917

2. New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada

3. Raymond William Stacy Burr

4. He had a brother and a sister.

5. Pasadena Playhouse

6. San Quentin

7. Cold-blooded, sadistic killers

8. Raw Deal

9. Love Happy

10. Key to the City

11. A Place in the Sun

12. Harry Prebble

13. His role as Lars Thorwald in Rear Window.

14. Godzilla

15. Erle Stanley Gardner

16. Barbara Hale

17. Robert Ironside

18. Ironside was paralyzed from the waist down after being shot.

19. Kingston: Confidential

20. Perry Mason Returns

21. Robert Benevides

22. True

23. Orchids

24. Dry Creek Valley, California

25. September 12, 1993

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