Meredy's Ronald Colman Trivia Answers

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1. February 9, 1891

2. Richmond, Surrey, England, UK

3. Ronald Charles Colman

4. Yes, he was in the British Army during World War I.

5. La Tendresse

6. Henry King

7. Thelma Raye

8. Benita Hume

9. Juliet Benita Colman

10. Lillian Gish

11. Samuel Goldwyn

12. The 1925 version of Stella Dallas

13. Michael 'Beau' Geste

14. Vilma Banky

15. Bulldog Drummond and Condemned

16. 20th Century Pictures

17. A Tale of Two Cities

18. Claudette Colbert and Rosalind Russell

19. Lost Horizon

20. King Rudolf V and Rudolph Rassendyl

21. The Light That Failed

22. Random Harvest

23. The Halls of Ivy

24. A Double Life

25. May 19, 1958

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