Meredy's Claude Rains Trivia Answers

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1. November 10, 1889

2. Camberwell, London, England, UK

3. William Claude Rains

4. The Invisible Man

5. Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts

6. Laurence Olivier

7. Isabel Jeans

8. Six times

9. No, but he was nominated four times.

10. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

11. Inspector Renault in Casablanca

12. Mr. Skeffington (Job Skeffington)

13. Notorious

14. Now, Voyager

15. Caesar in Caesar and Cleopatra

16. The Wolf Man

17. Bette Davis

18. Phantom of the Opera

19. Dr. Alexander Tower

20. Mr. Jordan

21. Jean Simmons

22. Professor Challenger

23. Lawrence of Arabia

24. King Herod the Great in The Greatest Story Ever Told

25. May 30, 1967 in Laconia, New Hampshire (abdominal hemorrhage)

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