Meredy's Brandon de Wilde Trivia Answers

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1. April 9, 1942

2. Brooklyn, New York

3. Andre Brandon deWilde

4. The Member of the Wedding

5. The Donaldson Award

6. 1952

7. Toast of the Town

8. Shane

9. "Shane! Come back! Come back, Shane!"

10. Jamison Francis McHummber

11. Good-bye, My Lady

12. James Stewart and Audie Murphy

13. The Missouri Traveler

14. Carol Lynley

15. Warren Beatty

16. Lonnie Bannon

17. Melvyn Douglas

18. Jim Tevis

19. Brian Keith and Vera Miles

20. Ens./Lt. (j.g.) Jeremiah "Jere" Torrey

21. He died.

22. Wild in the Sky

23. He had a son.

24. Butterflies Are Free

25. July 6, 1972 in Lakewood, Colorado (road accident)

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