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1. December 27, 1901

2. Schöneberg, German Empire (Berlin)

3. Marie Magdalene Dietrich

4. The Blue Angel

5. Josef von Sternberg

6. "Falling in Love Again"

7. Paramount Pictures

8. Morocco

9. She performs a song dressed in a man's white tie and kisses another woman, both provocative for the era.

10. Victor McLaglen

11. Blonde Venus

12. Butterfly lighting

13. Desire

14. The Garden of Allah

15. Destry Rides Again

16. "See What the Boys in the Back Room Will Have" and "You've Got That Look"

17. The Medal of Freedom and the Legion of Honour

18. Jean Louis

19. Stage Fright

20. Half an ounce of real gold dust

21. She broke her thigh.

22. An androgynous quality

23. Rudolf Sieber (m. 1923-1976; his death) She was bisexual and had numerous affairs with both men and women.

24. One daughter - Maria Elisabeth Sieber Riva (b. December 13, 1924)

25. May 6, 1992 in Paris, France (renal failure)

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