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1. April 2, 1908

2. Belleville, Illinois

3. Christian Rudolph Ebsen, Jr.

4. Ebsen and his sisters learned to dance at a dance studio his father operated in Orlando, Florida.

5. He was studying medicine.

6. He was a soda jerk.

7. "The Baby Astaires"

8. Walter Winchell

9. MGM

10. Broadway Melody of 1936

11. Eleanor Powell, Shirley Temple and Judy Garland

12. Mickey Mouse

13. Ebsen recorded all his songs as Tin Man, went through all the rehearsals, and started filming. However, he soon began experiencing cramps and shortness of breath, eventually leading to hospitalization. Doctors determined that he was suffering an allergic reaction to the aluminum dust used in the Tin Man makeup; he was forced to leave the production for health reasons.

14. The United States Coast Guard

15. Georgie Russell

16. Breakfast at Tiffany's

17. "We-e-e-ell, doggies!"

18. Barnaby Jones

19. Smashup on Interstate 5

20. Matt Houston

21. The Other Side of Oz: An Autobiography, Kelly's Quest and Sizzling Cold Case: (The Legend of Lori London) A Barnaby Jones Novel

22. The the United States Naval Academy's Sailing Squadron in Annapolis, Maryland.

23. Ruth Cambridge (July 10, 1933 - January 1945) (divorced) 2 children, Nancy Wolcott McKeown (September 6, 1945 - 1985) (divorced) 5 children and Dorothy Knott (May 1985 - July 6, 2003) (his death)

24. Six daughters and one son - Elizabeth Ebsen, Alix Ebsen, Susannah Ebsen, Cathy Ebsen, Bonnie Wolcott Ebsen (b. August 27, 1951), Nancy Kiersten "Kiki" Ebsen (b. January 14, 1958) and Dustin Ebsen

25. July 6, 2003 in Torrance, California (complications from pneumonia)

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