Meredy's Alice Faye Trivia Answers

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1. May 5, 1915

2. New York, New York

3. Alice Jeanne Leppert

4. She was 14.

5. Rudy Vallee

6. Lillian Harvey

7. She sued her for alienation of her husband's affections.

8. The new Jean Harlow

9. Tony Martin

10. Phil Harris

11. She had two daughters.

12. Darryl F. Zanuck

13. Tyrone Power and Don Ameche

14. He hired Betty Grable.

15. Yes - They got along reasonably well.

16. Tin Pan Alley

17. John Payne

18. Irving Berlin

19. You'll Never Know

20. Fallen Angel

21. The Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show and Fitch Bandwagon

22. 23 - Ten more than her closest competitor: Judy Garland.

23. Melissa Frake

24. The Magic of Lassie

25. May 9, 1998 in Rancho Mirage, California (stomach cancer)

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