Meredy's Henry Fonda Trivia Answers

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1. May 16, 1905

2. Grand Island, Nebraska

3. Journalism

4. Margaret Sullavan

5. The Farmer Takes a Wife

6. Jezebel

7. Drums Along the Mohawk

8. Abraham Lincoln

9. Tom Joad

10. John Steinbeck

11. Jane Darwell

12. Yes, in the Navy. He won a Bronze Star and Presidential citation.

13. Wyatt Earp

14. Mister Roberts

15. 12 Angry Men

16. Spencer's Mountain

17. One Upon a Time in the West

18. Peter, Jane and Bridget Fonda

19. On Golden Pond

20. The Red Pony

21. Clarence Darrow

22. 1978

23. Gideon's Trumpet

24. Fonda: My Life

25. August 12, 1982

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Meredy's Henry Fonda Trivia Mania


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