Meredy's Kay Francis Trivia Answers

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1. January 13, 1905

2. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

3. Katharine Edwina Gibbs

4. 5 feet 9 inches

5. Katharine Clinton

6. The Player Queen

7. The Portmanteau Theatre Company

8. Crime

9. Walter Huston

10. The Cocoanuts

11. William Powell

12. "Wavishing Kay Fwancis"

13. Warner Brothers

14. Queen of Warner Brothers

15. Hollywood's Best-Dressed Woman

16. One Way Passage

17. Mandalay

18. Stella Parish

19. My Bill

20. In Name Only

21. Carole Landis, Martha Raye, and Mitzi Mayfair

22. Seeing Eye, Inc.

23. James Dwight Francis (1922-1924; divorced), William Gaston (divorced), Kenneth MacKenna (1931-1933; divorced), Eric Barnekow (1939-19??; divorced) and John Meehan (divorced)

24. None

25. August 26, 1968 in New York City, New York (metastatic breast cancer)

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