Meredy's Clark Gable Trivia Answers

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1. It Happened One Night

2. February 1, 1901

3. Cadiz, Ohio

4. Five times

5. William Clark Gable

6. Yes, in the United States Army Air Corps

7. Carole Lombard

8. "King of Hollywood"

9. MGM

10. No, he was loaned to Columbia Pictures.

11. One - No Man of Her Own (1932)

12. An undershirt

13. Puttin' on the Ritz

14. Adventure

15. Mogambo

16. Across the Wide Missouri

17. Yes, in Teacher's Pet

18. The Misfits

19. Marilyn Monroe

20. Fletcher Christian

21. Rhett Butler in Gone with the Wind

22. No, Robert Donat won the Best Actor Oscar for his work in Good-bye, Mr. Chips.

23. November 16, 1960

24. No - His son was born March 20, 1961.

25. John Clark Gable

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