Meredy's Greta Garbo Trivia Answers

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1. September 18, 1905

2. Stockholm, Sweden

3. Greta Louisa Gustafsson

4. The Royal Dramatic Theater

5. The Story of Gosta Berling

6. The Joyless Street

7. MGM

8. The Torrent

9. Flesh and the Devil

10. John Gilbert

11. Love

12. The Kiss

13. Lew Ayres

14. Anna Christie

15. Grand Hotel

16. Queen Christina

17. Anna Karenina

18. Camille

19. Robert Taylor

20. Ninotchka

21. Garbo Laughs!

22. Anna Christie, Romance, Camille and Ninotchka

23. The Upper East Side of New York City

24. 1954

25. April 15, 1990

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