Meredy's Ava Gardner Trivia Answers

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1. December 24, 1922

2. Grabtown, North Carolina

3. Ava Lavinia Gardner

4. A tobacco farm

5. MGM

6. Her picture in the window of a New York photography studio brought her to the attention of MGM.

7. We Were Dancing

8. Whistle Stop

9. Universal

10. The Killers

11. She did her own singing. She was dubbed in her MGM films.

12. 1941-1958

13. The Hucksters

14. Showboat

15. Mogambo

16. An earthy Spanish dancer

17. Joseph L. Mankiewicz

18. Lady Brett Ashley

19. Earthquake

20. Falcon Crest

21. Ava

22. Flamenco and bullfighting

23. Three times

24. Mickey Rooney, Artie Shaw and Frank Sinatra

25. January 25, 1990 in Westminster, London, England (bronchial pneumonia)

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