Meredy's Judy Garland Trivia Answers

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So you've decided to cheat and take a look at the answers?

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1. June 10, 1922

2. Grand Rapids, Minnesota

3. Frances Gumm

4. Two

5. George Jessel

6. MGM

7. You Made Me Love You

8. Over the Rainbow

9. Yes, a special juvenile Oscar

10. Mickey Rooney

11. Mervyn LeRoy

12. David Rose, Vincente Minnelli, Sidney Luft, Mark Herron and Mickey Deans

13. Liza Minnelli, Lorna Luft and Joey Luft

14. Five

15. Left-handed

16. Gene Kelly

17. Fred Astaire

18. Summer Stock

19. James Mason

20. Mewsette

21. Mary Ann on Gilligan's Island

22. Ho-Hum

23. Valley of the Dolls

24. There was a tornado.

25. June 22, 1969

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Meredy's Judy Garland Trivia Mania


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