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Gary Cooper

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Gary Cooper

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1. When was he born?

2. Where was he born?

3. What was his real name?

4. He made his mark in what 1929 Western?

5. What famous line did he utter in the answer to Question 4?

6. Who was his co-star in A Farewell to Arms?

7. His role in what movie earned him his first Oscar nomination?

8. Who directed the answer to Question 7?

9. What was the name of his character in The Plainsman?

10. Who directed The Plainsman?

11. In Beau Geste, his character joined what organization to save his family from disgrace?

12. Who played Judge Roy Bean in The Westerner?

13. He starred in what 1941 Frank Capra movie?

14. He won a Best Actor Oscar for his role in what film?

15. Was the character Alvin C. York real or fictional?

16. Who was his co-star in Ball of Fire?

17. What song did Gene Krupa play in Ball of Fire?

18. Who did he portray in The Pride of the Yankees?

19. Who was his co-star in The Pride of the Yankees?

20. He earned an Oscar nomination for his role in what 1943 film?

21. He played an architect in what 1949 movie?

22. He won a Best Actor Oscar for his role in what 1952 film?

23. He played a Quaker in what 1956 film?

24. Who was his female co-star in 1959's The Hanging Tree?

25. When did he pass away?

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Gary Cooper

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