Meredy's Janet Gaynor Trivia Answers

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1. October 6, 1906

2. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

3. Laura Gainor

4. She was 5 feet tall.

5. San Francisco

6. A shoe store

7. Fox

8. The Johnstown Flood

9. George O'Brien

10. Charles Farrell

11. Twelve

12. The World's Sweetheart

13. America's Favorite Lovebirds

14. The Best Actress Oscar

15. Sunrise, Seventh Heaven and Street Angel

16. Sunny Side Up

17. Daddy Long Legs

18. State Fair

19. A Star Is Born

20. Fredric March

21. Bernardine

22. Mary Martin

23. Three times - Paul Gregory, Adrian and Lydell Peck

24. Yes, one with Adrian.

25. September 14, 1984 in Palm Springs, California (pneumonia)

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