Meredy's Dorothy Gish Trivia Answers

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1. March 11, 1898

2. Massillon, Ohio

3. Dorothy Elizabeth Gish

4. Mary Pickford

5. An Unseen Enemy

6. Biograph, Majestic-Mutual, and Fine Arts studios.

7. The Musketeers of Pig Alley

8. Paramount Pictures

9. Hearts of the World

10. Remodeling Her Husband

11. Orphans of the Storm

12. Fury

13. Italy

14. Herbert Wilcox

15. Wolves

16. Life with Father

17. Our Hearts Were Young and Gay

18. The Magnificent Yankee

19. Centennial Summer

20. The Whistle at Eaton Falls

21. Miss Susie Slagle's

22. The Cardinal

23. James Rennie (December 26, 1920 - October 11, 1935) (divorced)

24. None

25. June 4, 1968, Rapallo, Liguria, Italy (bronchial pneumonia)

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