Meredy's Farley Granger Trivia Answers

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1. July 1, 1925

2. San Jose, California

3. Farley Earle Granger III

4. Samuel Goldwyn

5. The North Star

6. The Purple Heart

7. The United States Navy

8. They Live by Night

9. Arthur Laurents

10. Rope

11. Enchantment

12. Side Street

13. Ann Blyth

14. Edge of Doom

15. Strangers on a Train

16. I Want You

17. Hans Christian Andersen

18. "Mademoiselle"

19. Alida Valli

20. Farley Granger as Morris Townsend, Julie Harris as Catherine Sloper, and Barry Morse as Dr. Austin Sloper

21. Talley & Son

22. Include Me Out: My Life from Goldwyn to Broadway

23. He didn't have one. He was bisexual. His longtime partner was Robert Calhoun.

24. None

25. March 27, 2011 in Manhattan, New York City, New York (natural causes)

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