Meredy's Gene Tierney Trivia Answers

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1. November 19, 1920

2. Brooklyn, New York

3. The Male Animal

4. The Return of Frank James

5. Belle Starr

6. Heaven Can Wait

7. Oleg Cassini

8. Mental retardation

9. Ms. Tierney was exposed to rubella (German measles) while pregnant.

10. Laura

11. Clifton Webb

12. John R. Hersey

13. Leave Her to Heaven

14. Cornel Wilde

15. Tyrone Power

16. Dragonwyck

17. Miranda Wells

18. Natalie Wood

19. Rex Harrison

20. Aly Khan

21. The Menninger Clinic

22. Ann Scott

23. Advise and Consent

24. Scruples

25. November 6, 1991 in Houston, Texas (emphysema).

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