Meredy's Hart to Hart Trivia Answers

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1. Sidney Sheldon

2. 1979

3. Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers and Lionel Stander

4. Jonathan and Jennifer Hart and Max

5. Freeway

6. He was the self-made millionaire head of Hart Industries.

7. Yes, she was a well-known freelance journalist.

8. He sprayed the helicopter with yellow paint so the pilot couldn't see.

9. No, he wasn't.

10. Deanne and Stanley Friesen

11. "A New Kind of High"

12. Four years

13. Juliet Mills (Kate Matthews)

14. Gilbert Roland

15. Ray Milland

16. "What Murder?"

17. "This Lady Is Murder"

18. "Operation Murder"

19. Yes, there was.

20. "Hart of Darkness"

21. "On a Bed of Harts"

22. "Two Harts Are Better Than One"

23. "Hostage Harts"

24. Let Me Call You Sweetheart

25. 1984

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