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Susan Hayward

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Susan Hayward

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1. What was her real name?

2. When was she born?

3. For what type of career did she study?

4. What 1944 John Wayne film did she appear in?

5. She was Oscar nominated for her role in what 1947 film?

6. She received her second Oscar nomination for her role in what 1950 movie?

7. Who was her co-star in the answer to Question 6?

8. The theme song to the answer to Question 6 was a hit for what singer?

9. Who is Dana Andrews' brother?

10. In I'd Climb the Highest Mountain, what was the profession of her character's husband?

11. Where was I'd Climb the Highest Mountain filmed?

12. In With a Song in My Heart, what famous singer did she portray?

13. In what movie did she play the wife of President Andrew Jackson?

14. Who played President Jackson?

15. What alcoholic star did she portray in I'll Cry Tomorrow?

16. She won a Best Actress Oscar for her role in what film?

17. Stephen Boyd was her co-star in what movie?

18. She was in the 1961 remake of what Fannie Hurst gem?

19. Her 1963 film, Stolen Hours, was a remake of what Bette Davis sudser?

20. In 1967 she played a washed-up actress in what bomb of a movie?

21. The location of what movie she made was in close proximity to atomic bomb testing?

22. What disease killed her at age 56?

23. Name three other performers who worked on The Conqueror that have since died of cancer, please?

24. How many children, if any, did she have?

25. When did she pass away?

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Susan Hayward by Sylvie

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Susan Hayward by Sylvie

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