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1. November 9, 1913

2. Vienna, Austria

3. Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler

4. Louis B. Mayer changed her last name to Lamarr in honor of silent film star Barbara La Marr.

5. "The Most Beautiful Woman In Films"

6. Extase - Ecstasy

7. Algiers

8. Robert Taylor

9. Tondelayo

10. Casablanca and Gaslight

11. Clark Gable

12. Victor Fleming

13. Her Highness and the Bellboy

14. The Conspirators

15. Edgar G. Ulmer

16. Delilah in Samson and Delilah

17. The Female Animal

18. Shoplifting

19. "Any girl can be glamorous. All you have to do is stand still and look stupid."

20. Mel Brooks - Blazing Saddles

21. Corel Corporation - CorelDRAW

22. Hedy's credited invention was a radio guidance system for torpedoes which was used in WWII.

23. Lewis J. Boies, W. Howard Lee, Ted Stauffer, John Loder, Gene Markey and Fritz Mandl

24. Yes, she had three children.

25. January 19, 2000 in Orlando, Florida of natural causes

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