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1. April 3, 1893

2. Forest Hill, London, England, United Kingdom

3. Leslie Howard Steiner

4. Yes, he suffered shell shock, which led to his relinquishing his commission in May 1916.

5. Minerva Films

6. Aren't We All?

7. Her Cardboard Lover

8. Berkeley Square

9. Of Human Bondage

10. Baroness Emma Orczy

11. Humphrey Bogart as Duke Mantee

12. Leslie Howard Bogart

13. Norma Shearer

14. Bette Davis and Olivia de Havilland

15. Pygmalion

16. Intermezzo

17. Ashley Wilkes

18. "Pimpernel" Smith or Mister V

19. 49th Parallel or The Invaders

20. The First of the Few or Spitfire

21. The Gentle Sex

22. The Lamp Still Burns

23. Ruth Evelyn Martin (1916-1943; his death; 2 children)

24. One son and one daughter - Ronald Howard (April 7, 1918 - December 19, 1996) and Leslie Ruth "Doodie" Howard (October 18, 1924 - January 9, 2013)

25. January 1, 1943 - His plane was shot down by Luftwaffe fighter planes over the Bay of Biscay.

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