Meredy's Jack Lemmon Trivia Answers

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1. February 8, 1925

2. Boston, Massachusetts

3. Yes, in the Navy

4. Harvard

5. Cynthia Stone

6. Played piano at the Knickerbocker Music Hall.

7. Columbia

8. Felicia Farr

9. Judy Holliday

10. Mister Roberts

11. Tony Curtis

12. Billy Wilder

13. The Apartment

14. The Wackiest Ship in the Army

15. Days of Wine and Roses

16. Walter Matthau

17. The Odd Couple

18. Save the Tiger

19. The China Syndrome

20. Tribute

21. Sissy Spacek

22. Blake Edwards

23. 1988

24. Glengarry Glen Ross

25. John Gustafson

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Meredy's Jack Lemmon Trivia Mania


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