Meredy's Van Johnson Trivia Answers

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1. August 25, 1916

2. Newport, Rhode Island

3. Charles Van Dell Johnson

4. Entre Nous

5. New Faces of 1936

6. Too Many Girls

7. Too Many Girls

8. Pal Joey

9. Murder in the Big House

10. MGM

11. Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant and Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case

12. A Guy Named Joe

13. He was involved in a car crash that left him with a metal plate in his forehead and a number of scars on his face that the plastic surgery of the time could not completely correct or conceal; he used heavy makeup to hide them for years. The injury exempted Johnson from service in World War II.

14. Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo

15. June Allyson: Two Girls and a Sailor (1944), Till the Clouds Roll By (1946), High Barbaree (1947), The Bride Goes Wild (1948), Too Young to Kiss (1951), and Remains to Be Seen (1953) - Esther Williams: A Guy Named Joe (1943), Thrill of a Romance (1945), Easy to Wed (1946), Till the Clouds Roll By (1946), Duchess of Idaho (1950), and Easy to Love (1953)

16. The Romance of Rosy Ridge

17. Liza Minnelli

18. William Wellman

19. The Caine Mutiny

20. Miracle in the Rain

21. CWO Darrell Harrison, USN

22. Rich Man, Poor Man

23. Eve "Evie" Lynn Abbott Wynn Johnson (January 25, 1947 - May 3, 1968) (divorced) 1 child

24. One daughter - Schuyler V. Johnson (b. January 6, 1948)

25. December 12, 2008 in Nyack, New York (natural causes)

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