Meredy's Carolyn Jones Trivia Answers

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1. April 28, 1929

2. Amarillo, Texas

3. Carolyn Sue Jones

4. Comanche

5. Severe asthma

6. The Pasadena Playhouse

7. She supported herself as a radio disk jockey.

8. Yes, she had a nose job.

9. The Players Ring Theatre

10. Paramount

11. The Turning Point

12. Caroline Jones

13. Columbia

14. Cathy Gray

15. Theodora "Teddy" Belicec

16. The Bachelor Party

17. "Just say you love me. You don't have to mean it."

18. King Creole

19. Career

20. Morticia Addams in The Addams Family

21. Aaron Spelling

22. Herbert S. Greene

23. Peter Bailey-Britton

24. No

25. August 3, 1983 in West Hollywood, California (colon cancer)

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