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Katy Jurado

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Katy Jurado

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1. When was she born?

2. Where was she born?

3. What was her birth name?

4. She was sometimes credited as what?

5. She was described by herself as having what?

6. She was usually cast as a what?

7. Where did she make films first: Mexico or the United States?

8. What was her first Mexican film?

9. She can be seen as "the one who gets up late" in what 1947 Mexican film?

10. Who was her first husband?

11. What was her first American film?

12. Who produced The Bullfighter and the Lady?

13. What was her character's name in High Noon?

14. What did the answer to Question 13 have to say about men with big, broad shoulders?

15. What characters in High Noon were her former lovers?

16. Did she have children?

17. Who directed (The Brute) El Bruto?

18. She was Oscar-nominated for her role in what film?

19. Who portrayed her husband in the answer to Question 18?

20. Who portrayed her son in the answer to Question 18?

21. Who did she marry in 1959?

22. She starred as Maria Longworth in what 1961 film?

23. She gained 22 pounds in 22 days to play the part of Annie Lightcloud in what film?

24. She had an unusual hobby. What was it?

25. What character did she portray in The Hi-Lo Country?

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Katy Jurado

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Katy Jurado

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