Meredy's Myrna Loy Trivia Answers

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1. August 2, 1905

2. Raidersburg, Montana

3. Myrna Williams

4. Pretty Ladies

5. Oriental or Hispanic

6. Nora Charles

7. 1934

8. William Powell

9. Asta

10. Men in White

11. Libeled Lady

12. Queen of Hollywood

13. The Thin Man Goes Home

14. She did Red Cross work and sold war bonds.

15. The Best Years of Our Lives

16. Fredric March

17. Teresa Wright

18. Shirley Temple

19. Cary Grant

20. Cheaper by the Dozen

21. Belles on Their Toes

22. From the Terrace

23. Four times

24. 1991

25. December 15, 1993

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