Meredy's Joel McCrea Trivia Answers

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1. November 5, 1905

2. South Pasadena, California

3. Joel Albert McCrea

4. Pomona College

5. MGM

6. The Jazz Age

7. The Silver Horde

8. RKO

9. Dolores del Rio

10. Five - The Richest Girl in the World, Barbary Coast, Splendor, These Three, and Woman Chases Man

11. Six - Gambling Lady, Banjo on My Knee, Internes Can't Take Money, Union Pacific, The Great Man's Lady, and Trooper Hook

12. Thousand Oaks, California

13. Internes Can't Take Money

14. Wells Fargo and Union Pacific

15. Foreign Correspondent

16. O Brother, Where Art Thou? by Sinclair Beckstein (an amalgamation of the names of authors Upton Sinclair, Sinclair Lewis, and John Steinbeck)

17. The Great Man's Lady

18. The Palm Beach Story

19. Walk, Don't Run

20. Buffalo Bill

21. The Virginian

22. Ride the High Country

23. Frances Dee (October 20, 1933 - October 20, 1990) (his death) 3 children

24. Three sons - Joel Dee "Jody" McCrea (September 6, 1934 - April 4, 2009), David Thomas McCrea (b. November 15, 1935), and Peter Llewelyn McCrea (b. April 10, 1955)

25. October 20, 1990 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles, California (pneumonia)

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