Meredy's Victor McLaglen Trivia Answers

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1. December 11, 1883

2. Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England, UK

3. The Boer War

4. He was a prizefighter and circus performer.

5. The Irish Fusiliers

6. Baghdad

7. In the early 1920s

8. Fighting Heart (1924)

9. John Ford

10. Arthur, Clifford, Cyril, Kenneth, and Leopold

11. The Unholy Three

12. The Cock-Eyed World

13. Dick Turpin

14. The Informer

15. Ouida

16. Klondike Annie

17. Wee Willie Winkle

18. Saratoga

19. Victor McLaglen, Cary Grant and Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.

20. Blackie

21. Undercurrent

22. Fort Apache (1948), She Wore a Yellow Ribbon (1949) and Rio Grande (1950)

23. The Quiet Man

24. Sea Fury (1959)

25. November 7, 1959 in Newport Beach, California (heart attack)

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