Meredy's Vera Miles Trivia Answers

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1. August 23, 1929

2. Boise City, Oklahoma

3. Vera June Ralston

4. 1948

5. Lustre Creme

6. You Bet Your Life

7. Alfred Hitchcock, John Ford and Walt Disney

8. The Plainsman and the Lady

9. Republic Pictures

10. The Searchers

11. Alfred Hitchcock Presents

12. The Wrong Man

13. Tarzan's Hidden Jungle

14. Lucy Ann Hardesty

15. They were sisters.

16. John Gavin

17. The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance

18. A Tiger Walks

19. Brian Keith

20. The Virginian and Ellery Queen

21. If she guest starred in the pilot episode of a potential series, chances are that series would sell.

22. Yes, she played his wife in Hellfighters.

23. Ernestine Coulter

24. Robert Miles, Gordon Scott and Keith Larsen

25. Debra Miles, Kelley Miles, Michael Scott and Erik Larsen

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Meredy's Vera Miles Trivia Mania


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