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1. January 20, 1926

2. Packard, Whitley County, Kentucky

3. Patsy Louise Neal

4. Knoxville, Tennessee

5. Northwestern University

6. The Voice of the Turtle

7. Another Part of the Forest

8. John Loves Mary

9. Gary Cooper

10. Bright Leaf

11. "Klaatu barada nikto"

12. The Children's Hour

13. A Face in the Crowd

14. Suddenly Last Summer and The Miracle Worker

15. Her 4-month-old baby son Theo Dahl suffered severe neurological damage on December 5, 1960, when his carriage (which was being pushed by a nurse) was accidentally crushed between a taxi and a bus in New York City. He survived following eight brain operations.

16. Breakfast at Tiffany's

17. Measles encephalitis

18. Hud

19. On February 5, 1965, while on location filming 7 Women, a pregnant Patricia was bathing daughter Tessa Dahl at a rented home when she suffered a massive, paralyzing stroke, followed by two more. She survived a seven-hour operation and three weeks in a coma. The after effects were devastating. The actress suffered from partial paralysis, partial blindness, she lost her memory, and was unable to speak. Husband Roald Dahl had her undergo extensive therapy back in England, including swimming, walking, memory games, and crossword puzzles. Lucy Dahl was born healthy on August 4, 1965.

20. The Homecoming: A Christmas Story

21. The Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center

22. As I Am

23. Roald Dahl (July 2, 1953 - November 17, 1983) (divorced) 5 children

24. Four daughters and one son - Olivia Twenty Dahl (April 20, 1955 - November 17, 1962 [measles encephalitis]), Chantal Sophia "Tessa" Dahl (b. April 11, 1957), Theo Matthew Roald Dahl (b. July 30, 1960), Ophelia Magdalena Dahl (b. May 12, 1964), and Lucy Neal Dahl (b. August 4, 1965)

25. August 8, 2010 in Edgartown, Massachusetts (lung cancer)

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