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1. March 1, 1910

2. London, England, UK

3. James David Graham Niven

4. The Highland Light Infantry

5. He worked as a whiskey salesman.

6. Samuel Goldwyn signed him to MGM.

7. Without Regret

8. Dodsworth

9. Thank You, Jeeves!

10. The Dawn Patrol

11. Edgar Linton

12. Ginger Rogers

13. He was a Lieutenant Colonel in the British Commandos.

14. She died of a fractured skull and brain lacerations received in an accidental fall in the home of Tyrone Power. While playing "Sardines," she walked through a door believing it led to a closet. Instead, it led to a stone staircase to the basement.

15. A Matter of Life and Death a.k.a. Stairway to Heaven

16. The Bishop's Wife

17. Dick Powell, David Niven, Charles Boyer, and Ida Lupino

18. The Moon Is Blue

19. Around the World in 80 Days

20. Separate Tables

21. The Pink Panther

22. The Moon's a Balloon and Bring on the Empty Horses

23. Primula Susan Rollo (September 16, 1940 - May 21, 1946) (her death) 2 children and Hjördis Genberg (January 14, 1948 - July 29, 1983) (his death) 2 adopted children

24. Two sons and two adopted daughters - David Niven, Jr. (b. December 15, 1942), James "Jamie" Niven (b. 1946), Kristina Niven, and Fiona Niven

25. July 29, 1983 in Château-d'Oex, Switzerland (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)

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