Meredy's Olivia de Havilland Trivia Answers

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So you've decided to cheat and take a look at the answers?

OK, spoil the fun and read the answers below!

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1. July 1, 1916

2. Tokyo, Japan

3. Joan Fontaine

4. A Midsummer Night's Dream

5. Warner Brothers

6. Captain Blood

7. 10

8. Maid Marian

9. Melanie Hamilton Wilkes

10. Charles Boyer

11. Her sister, Joan Fontaine

12. The Dark Mirror

13. To Each His Own

14. John Lund

15. Mental illness

16. The Heiress

17. Montgomery Clift

18. Henry James

19. Bette Davis

20. George Brent

21. Lady in a Cage

22. Joseph Cotten

23. Every Frenchman Has One

24. Pierre Galante

25. The Swarm

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Meredy's Olivia de Havilland Trivia Mania


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