Meredy's Eleanor Parker Trivia Answers

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1. June 26, 1922

2. Cedarville, Ohio

3. Eleanor Jean Parker

4. The Pasadena Playhouse

5. 18

6. They Died with Their Boots On

7. John Garfield

8. Ruth Hartley

9. Three times

10. Caged

11. Detective Story

12. Interrupted Melody

13. Kirk Douglas

14. Marjorie Lawrence

15. Stewart Granger

16. The Naked Jungle

17. Hannah Hunnicutt

18. The Sound of Music

19. Yes, she does. It's at 6340 Hollywood Blvd.

20. Fred Losee

21. Bert E. Friedlob

22. Paul Clemens

23. Raymond Hirsch

24. She had four.

25. She lived in quiet retirement in Palm Springs, California.

26. December 9, 2013 (complications of pneumonia)

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Meredy's Eleanor Parker Trivia Mania


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