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1. February 14, 1905

2. Brooklyn, New York

3. "Mr. Brown Gets His Haircut" and "The Story of Cremona"

4. The American Academy of Dramatic Arts

5. Joseph Moran

6. She had two children.

7. They entered slogan and jingle contests.

8. George Seaton

9. Miracle on 34th Street

10. She appeared in one scene as a weary Yuletide shopper.

11. Call Northside 777

12. Joseph L. Mankiewicz

13. 20th Century-Fox

14. City Across the River

15. Geraldine

16. All About Eve

17. Six times

18. All About Eve, The Mating Season, With a Song in My Heart, Pickup on South Street, Pillow Talk, and The Birdman of Alcatraz

19. John Lund

20. With a Song in My Heart

21. Richard Widmark

22. The Model and the Marriage Broker

23. James Stewart and Grace Kelly

24. Pillow Talk

25. February 5, 1969 in New York, NY (heart attack)

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