A Salute to Stefanie Powers

is a jewel of many facets. She is the perfect blending of classic and contemporary Hollywood. Her style, grace and charm harken back to the glory days of Tinseltown when a star was a star both on and off the set. Her environmental consciousness, savvy business sense and independent spirit embody the modern woman.

This collection of nonprofit pages is my tribute to a lady who has brought me countless hours of entertainment as Becky McLintock, Bunny Dixon, April Dancer, Joan Barthel, Jennifer Hart, Maggy Lunel, Montana Gray, Frances Schreuder, Beryl Markham, and so many more marvelous characters that she has portrayed over her long and illustrious career.

Her humanitarian and environmental work has taught me to take better care of our world and all its creatures. The WILLIAM HOLDEN WILDLIFE FOUNDATION is a shining example of her efforts to awaken an awareness of the need for conservation, the balance of nature and the necessity for everyone to be educated in these vital areas.