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Stefanie on her ranch with an Arabian foal

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Custom 3D Screen Saver logo

If anyone's interested, and I hope you are, I'll make you a custom 3D screen saver for a $5.00 (or more) donation to the William Holden Wildlife Foundation.

All you need to do is e-mail me your six favorite pix, and I'll make you a 3D screen saver featuring those pix on cool, rotating picture cubes. I'll deliver your screen saver and instructions on how to install it on any machine running Windows 98 or above via e-mail.

You can be assured that every cent that comes to me will go straight to the William Holden Wildlife Foundation.

Please contact me @ . I accept cashier's checks, personal checks, or money orders made out to the William Holden Wildlife Foundation, or PayPal. PayPal is not preferred because of fees charged.

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Help support the WHWF by shopping here.

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Webmasters Make $$$

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