Meredy's Barry Sullivan Trivia Answers

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1. August 29, 1912

2. New York, New York

3. Patrick Barry Sullivan

4. He was a theater usher.

5. Dime a Dance

6. Danny Kaye, June Allyson, and Imogene Coca

7. The Woman of the Town

8. Paramount

9. MGM

10. Tom Buchanan

11. The Bad and the Beautiful

12. Wolf Larsen

13. The Tall Man

14. 1936

15. Educational Studios

16. The Gangster

17. Sheriff Pat Garrett

18. Marcus Hubbard

19. George Z. Jones

20. Jimmy Stewart and June Allyson

21. Bette Davis

22. And Now Tomorrow

23. The Hoaxters

24. Joan Crawford

25. June 6, 1994 in Sherman Oaks, California (respiratory ailment)

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Meredy's Barry Sullivan Trivia Mania


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