Meredy's Troy Donahue Trivia Answers

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So you've decided to cheat and take a look at the answers?

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1. January 27, 1937

2. New York, New York

3. Merle Johnson, Jr.

4. Columbia University

5. Man Afraid

6. Warner Brothers

7. Frankie

8. Susan Kohner

9. Suzanne Pleshette

10. Dorothy McGuire

11. Sandra Dee

12. Max Steiner

13. Surfside 6

14. Hawaiian Eye

15. Connie Stevens

16. Hoyt Brecker

17. Claudette Colbert

18. Connie Stevens, Diane McBain and Sharon Hugueny

19. Tobacco

20. Angie Dickinson

21. Al Di La

22. Stefanie Powers

23. A Distant Trumpet

24. The Godfather, Part 2

25. Cry Baby

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